Julian Velard - No One's Getting Married Tonight

Buy Julian's album If You Don't Like It, You Can Leave (UK)
Buy Julian's album If You Don't Like It, You Can Leave (US)
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He's a cheeky charming chappy that Julian Velard. He's already delighted with his oh so fine new album, If You Don't Like it, You Can Leave, and now he's chosen the wonderfully enticing No One's Getting Married Tonight as the second single from said album. Despite the title, it's actually a very romantic song that examines whether getting married is truly necessary when you are so in love with the person. It's full of gloriously evocative lyricism that brings that swirling, heady feeling of genuine amour to life through some sinfully sweet sentiments expressed by Julian throughout. It's set to an engaging and sprightly piano riff that is accentuated by some jazz-inflected percussion that gives the song a lovely languid feel to it so that, much like the emotions Julian sings about, it all feels very natural and organic. Julian sings with this really intimate, easy engaging style that feels like you are part of a private conversation, privvy to his innermost thoughts and feelings. It helps that he injects his vocals with a good dose of personality that underscores the humour within parts of the lyrics ("He could be a shirtless fireman/We know he’s only muscles and tan" - sidebar, they should feel free to send said shirtless fireman my way please and thankings). All of this in and of itself would be more than enough to make me succumb to the very obvious allure this track exerts; heck that chorus is a bright and breezy singalong that becomes resident in your brain, taking out a long term lease on your memory banks. Add to this, however, this euphoric video clip that you see above and it's the icing on this most perfect (wedding) cake. Julian had the audacity and genius temerity to film the video for this song at his own wedding (not even informing his stunning bride before hand). The results show a whole host of his friends and family having a ridiculously good time lip syncing along to the track at their most intoxicated. It's a visual treat, a hoot and is guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face. And I'm a sucker for a big ol' freestyle dance off at the end. Thank god I wasn't there, I'd have ended up daggering someone's Grandma...
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