The Main Level - Go Go With You

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Hurrah! I love a youthful, embrace the moment exuberant young boy band and Norwegian trio The Main Level seem to fit the bill perfectly. In an era when established boy bands are either growing up & "maturing their sound" (One Direction, Auryn) or taking breaks of an indiscriminate length of time (The Wanted, Big Time Rush), a new trench of groups have emerged (Satin Circus, 5SOS, The Vamps). The lads of The Main Level slot in with these fellas nicely whilst bringing their own brand of infectious, vibrant enthusiasm to the genre - in short, they sound like they are having a great time and the listening experience is enhanced because of this! Their latest single Go Go With You has melodic hooks a plenty as they attack the lyrics with an exuberant gusto that's hard to resist. Essentially it's a joyous song about all the wonderful places you can travel in the world, how marvelous it must be to visit these places but ultimately how they would be so much more meaningful if the lads had their special lady friends accompanying them. Set to a insistent and jangling guitar riff that's underscored by a persistent and seductive bass line designed to get you shimmying and shaking along to this inviting score. The boys sound in fine fettle and individually (and collectively) have a genuinely engaging singing style that suits the song well - in addition, there are some moments in verse two (particularly around the 2m10s mark in the video above) that definitely give you a hint of how well they will adapt to dreamy ballads when the time comes. For now though just enjoy the mesmerising musicality of the song and let that refrain seep effortlessly into your brain. It's a doozy. Oh! And do take time to watch the actual accompanying video above - plenty of tomfoolery occurs in many of the places the guys sing about in the song. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face :) Pure pop for pop's sake - and I love it!
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