McBusted - Air Guitar

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No Big Reunion needed for these guys - when all of McFly teamed up with two thirds of Busted, McBusted was formed and a live concert sensation was thrusted upon an eager nation. They swept through the country, wowing with their energetic, joyous live performances reminding everyone of what accomplished song craftsmen the two groups were individually - and evidencing just how bloody well they worked together. It seemed inevitable that the super group would unleash a collaborative single onto the world and that day has finally arrived. Air Guitar is exactly what you would want from the six lads and bodes extremely well for future endeavours. On the surface the song fuses together the exuberant enthusiasm & brash humour of the early Busted material with the soaring choruses & slick sophisticated pop that McFly have become so well known for. It's a raucous, rollicking wall of sound that is heavy (of course) on ferocious guitar licks and accentuated by a vibrant percussion and peppy pace that leaves you both exhilarated & breathless. That unforgettable chorus is like power-pop manna from heaven with the lads sounding like they are having the time of their lives on every single second of the track. In many ways it seems unbelievable that there hasn't been a song dedicated to the majestic power of air guitar before now - and it slots nicely into the canon of Busted/McFly music. And if that was all it was it would be more than enough. Scratch beneath the surface, pay attention to the lyrics however and you'll find an uplifting tale about the air guitar giving you the confidence to do things you wouldn't normally do, to pursue your dreams/dream girl - like there's something magical about about the invisible instrument. Close your eyes and you can be what you want to be - and with this it becomes an anthem for the disenfranchised and fringe kids out there. Busted and McFly have always produced tunes with lyrics that are deeper than initial impressions may give and it's pleasing to see this continue. I'm eager to see a video now - it feels like the guys could actually create a set of children's books out of this concept where a group of outsiders go on amazing adventures thanks to the Air Guitar. Pre-order now for your own thrillifying adventure with the lads :)

  • 05 ~ Sleeping With The Light On (New Version) (Busted): Written by the two members that made it into McBusted, there's something quite charming about this enormous power ballad that was the first single to show a more sensitive side to the lads. Remains my favourite song of theirs - thrilled it made the concert set list :)
  • 04 ~ The Ballad of Paul K (McFly): Not McFly's highest charting single but a definite favourite of mine. It's biographical feel told an actual story that anyone who feels like they are letting life pass them by could relate to. Lovely melody too...
  • 03 ~ Sorry's Not Good Enough (McFly): Relationships have never sounded so deliciously complex as they do on this glorious ode to making mistakes so big that words will not suffice. Released right before Christmas (which meant a rousing version of Rockin' Robin was on the CD Single. Hurrah) it fair added sing a long magnificence to the festive charts...
  • 02 ~ Love Is Easy (McFly): It's hard for me not to fall hard for a song that was inspired by my favourite film of all time (Love, Actually) and includes a quote from It's A Wonderful Life. The lads serve up some mellifluous magic on this easy breezy tune that I rarely get tired of and dig out often to lift my mood.
  • 01 ~ All About You (McFly): Dreamy sigh. It just doesn't really get any better than this :)
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