Thomas Fiss - Where We Belong

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Thomas Fiss feels like he should already be a global superstar. His catalogue of single and EP releases have provided memorable melodies and heartfelt lyrics that endure long past their release dates and still feel fresh and relevant 2-3 years later. That's not to say the talented young artist is without success - he has a considerable social media presence and an army of fans quite rightly proselyting about the quality of his music, the passion of his tunes. His latest single Where We Belong is one of his finest to date. It's a gloriously musically euphoric anthem that details how we all yearn to find out place in this world - whether it be on your own, as part of a relationship or collectively as part of your generation. The lyrics are applicable to how the listener chooses to interpret them (always a sign of good writing) making this essential for the disenchanted, the questioning and the seekers of this world. Set to an effusive guitar riff that powers the song forward, it is wonderfully accentuated by these synth driven rave dance moments that have you raising your hands to the sky in magnificent emphatic agreement. Thomas, as always, sings with a conviction and passion that infuses every moment of the song making it a rewarding journey for everyone who chooses to take the ride with him. Would sound tremendous on radio and is truly enriched by that resounding refrain that elevates with the ebullient score to wondrously giddy heights. It's clear that (despite his questioning) Thomas Fiss belongs at the top of the charts - a triumph of exquisite songs craftsmanship that keeps on giving with each compelling consecutive listen...
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