Antigoni - Electric Love

Stream Electric Love (Acoustic) here (Soundcloud)

I do love it when a singer you haven't heard before comes onto your radar and stops you in your tracks with a voice and music that is so breathtakingly beautiful that you need a beat just to find yourself again. Antigoni Buxton is one such singer with undoubtedly a bright future ahead of her in 2015. A quick perusal through her YouTube channel shows that she's more than adept at interpreting an eclectic range of modern day classic pop hits but it's her self penned number Electric Love that had me captivated from start to finish. Lyrically it's sheer poetry as Antigoni details how her heart has been damaged by previous relationships, her emotions in storage as a method of self preservation that protects from further hurt and devastation. Don't be too melancholy though as it's also a yearning plea for the redemptive power of love to revitalise these dormant feelings - a far more palatable Let It Go for the emotionally distraught if you will. Antigone breathes actual pathos and passion into these lyrics through her incredible vocal style that has a deep resonance to it, filtering out all other distractions so that you are singularly focused on her dynamic performance. It's a voice that defies genre and trends that is showcased perfectly here on a song that feels both timely and timeless. You are taken on a journey with Ms Buxton who flawlessly soundtracks every bad relationship you've had and reminds you of the invigorating nature that the surprise of new love can give you. Her electric love is so tangible that you are left reeling but ultimately satisfied by the experience. News that she's now working with Terry Ronald and Steve Anderson has me most excited for new music from this talented young woman in 2015...

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