Bojana Stamenov - Beauty Never Lies

Something amazing happened this week. The world was quietly confident that tall drink of water Mans Zelmerlow would bring the trophy home for Sweden at Eurovision 2015 with his rather excellent ditty Heroes. Then Bojana Stamenov stepped onto the semi-finals stage and rather brilliantly announced to the world, via her all conquering anthem Beauty Never Lies, that she was there to upset the apple cart and take an emphatic stance for underdogs everywhere. Her performance was everything - and of course she had just the right song to back up the goods. With lyrics written by Charlie Mason (who wrote Rise Like A Phoenix - took home the Eurovision crown last year don'cha know via Conchita), it's a tale of a shadowy world where a dazzling girl lives. A world where being the bright creative one who thinks out the box is dismissed, rejected and marginalised in a monochrome, regulated society. A world not unlike our own sadly. Still, if it's a world where emphatically uplifting songs like this exist to celebrate those that dazzle regardless of what everyone else thinks, then I for one am lifting my hands to the sky and hallelujah-ing like never before. Don't be fooled into thinking this is about a plus size girl looking for acceptance - that's the most surface of observations. It is an anthem for anyone and everyone who has been metaphorically and literally pushed back into the dirt because of who they are. Bojana gives a sterling vocal that guides the song like a captain sailing his ship - she's steely calm when she needs to be, allowing the lyrics and music to shine, then explodes with a vibrant passion as she proclaims "finally I can say, yes I'm different and it's OK". Utterly euphoric. It's the sort of solid songwriting that would excel in any musical setting but here it's given a beautifully crescendoing score that starts off with dramatic elements of cabaret and theatre influences before emerging, like a butterfly from a cocoon, into a swirling fist pumping, heart thumping dance extravaganza. It will leave you entirely breathless and absolutely exhilarated. If Europe doesn't lap this up on Saturday night then I have every faith people across the globe will take the song to their collective bosom. Bojana - a star has emerged...

(Do take time to check out some other amazing compositions by Charlie Mason. Summer Rain by Boy Banned is a particular fave, alongside A Pack of Wolves by Fabrizio w/ Zorro Blakk. Of course you already know Conchita's Rise Like A Phoenix but have you got Horny with Lonnie Gordon yet? There are so many more choices that I'm going to come back and do a greatest hits of Charlie Mason post at some point. I'll leave you with the delightful Stars Are Saying Yes...)
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