Gabe Lopez - California Blues (ft. Belinda Carlisle)

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Gabe Lopez is one smart cookie. Not only does he have a rich back catalogue of his own, filled with addictive pop hooks and emotion drenched ballads, but he's also worked on penning equally pleasing smashes for other people (most notably, Sun for Belinda Carlisle - see my review here). He's currently prepping for his second tour with the aforementioned actual pop legend, Ms Carlisle, and has drafted her in on his mesmerising new single California Blues. It's the perfect tease for the tour as Gabe effortlessly captures the soaring power pop sound that Belinda perfected back in the 80s whilst adding his own personality to the genre. Set to a melodious guitar riff and drenched in glorious layered harmonies that evoke memories of The Beach Boys and The Turtles, Gabe has crafted mellifluous magic that traverses time and trends with a graceful elegance. With an engaging vocal style (that sends you dreamily swooning during those falsetto moments), Gabe sings of how just one look, one action from his loved one can bring him out of the doldrums and send his spirits soaring sky high (which is where you'll find the airy and addictive chorus to this song). Belinda joins in during the middle 8 adding her distinctive tones to this wonderful wall of sound and sounding as genuinely romantic as she did on her Disney's Hercules song I Won't Say I'm In Love. It all coalesces to create something utterly captivating while encapsulating the sunshine and beach majesty that California is oh so well known for. Even with it's tips of the hat to the sixties and eighties influences that permeate the song it would still sound fresh and exciting on the radio next to the repetitive beats and regurgitated rhythms of today's current hits. Listen to this and invigorate your senses - no blues, just California sunshine all the way. Heaven really is a place on earth.
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