Goldman - $50 Dollar Bill

Buy $50 Dollar Bill here (UK iTunes)

Amazing pop trio Goldman first came to my attention when they responded to one of my inane tweets with some witty repartee that put me to shame :) At first I was dazzled by their jolly humour and ridiculously good looks (hello Alex - I'm a sucker for a dude who can play piano) but ultimately I was absolutely bowled over and charmed by their vibrant, intoxicating music. It's clear that all 3 members (Alex, Geneva and Paul) are passionate about pop music - with each note of their songs you get the impression they've spent hours studying and deconstructing the songs they love to listen to in order to enrich their own knowledge and abilities. It's certainly paid off as their stunning new single $50 Dollar Bill evidences. It's a song that narrates the experience of finding love, unexpectedly, right before your eyes - and how thrilling and exciting that can be (hence that irrepressible titular refrain "You're my $50 dollar bill in a stack full of twenties"). Geneva provides us with a sparkling vocal that brings to the fore the mellifluous nature of the buoyant melody whilst also infusing each word with the wide eyed wonder and joy of discovery that the lyrics deserve and demand. The musical backdrop is equally as important to the narrative - a glorious wall of uplifting sound that blends pulsating rhythms, percolating guitar riffs and propulsive lilting island grooves. It all coalesces to create an entirely euphoric listening experience that fills you with happiness and leaves you a little giddy. You'll be singing along in no time and finding that it's your song of choice to send your spirits soaring after a tough day at the office. So loosen that tie, loose yourself in the music and tell everyone you know about this marvelous piece of work. Goldman, I salute you.

(PS, do check out the video above. It's every summer day memory you've ever had combined with every summer day fantasy that's passed through your mind - and surely a summer day just waiting to happen for you. Loving your work Ovie!)
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