Stine Bramsen - Woman

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Stine Bramsen continues to delight, inspire and provoke with the music that has defined her sparkling solo career to date. Songs like Prototypical, Karma Town and The Day You Leave Me are emphatic proof that Stine writes from the heart and pours her soul into lyrics that matter to her (and therefore matter to us as her passionate rendering of the words are entirely contagious). Her new single, entitled Woman, is a rousing call to arms to respect yourself, value your inner worth and show the world that you don't need to be anyone else but the fabulous you that's lurking inside. The narrative of the song urges women everywhere to embrace that they don't need to conform to what society expects - work with you got because real is in and fake is out. It's set to a minimal percussive groove during the verses where Stine's layered vocals add an aura of conviction to the words she proclaims, loud and proud. As it cuts to the chorus it's almost like a big reveal - where the satin curtain drops to reveal of wall of sound that washes over you like cold water on a hot summer's day. The hand clap rhythmic grooves and choral backing vocals, alongside those glorious bon temps of wisdom are a sheer wall of sound that invigorate and motivate (all whilst making you get onto your feet, shake those undulating curves and swerves and - if you are anything like me - raise your hands to the sky as if testifying your acceptance of this most wondrous gospel). What elevates the song is a combination of all these elements - the alluring instrumental, the resolution in Stine's impassioned voice, the message of the song. What makes it transcend is that you get the impression Stine is breaking down barriers - that there is WOMAN in all oppressed people because we all carry a piece of those female role models with us. My mother would have been furious if anyone ever made me feel less than I am because I'm gay or because I didn't fit into a certain stereotype. She would have grabbed me by the shoulders, looked me squarely in the eye and told me "I don't take this from anyone because NO-ONE has the right to make you feel less than brilliant". And, even if just for that moment, I would feel brilliant. That is what this song does. In fact it's not just a song - it's an essential public service announcement. A reminder of who we all are. And for that, Stine Bramsen, I thank you sincerely.
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