Halloween 2015: Rozalla - Shadows Of The Moon

Listen to the House of Virus mix here (YouTube)

Let's set the scene...

Days growing colder, the night's growing dark
A mysterious fog shimmers across the park
Flashes of shadows, whispers of ghost
It's an intriguing set up and spookier than most
Primal's the beat that kicks in so soon
You'll soon be dancing in shadows of the moon

Powerful is the song that can so evocatively paint images in your mind with music that casts a spell on your senses - and trust me when I say everybody's free to feel good about Rozalla storming back into our lives with just such a song. Shadows Of The Moon is a blistering pop song that weaves a scintillating beat alongside synth-drenched keyboard riffs (and adds in gloriously bewitching electro effects that feel like they've been conjured up from guttural forces that only those in touch with Mother Nature understand). At the helm of these intoxicating rhythms stands Rozalla as a woman bereft by a lost love which draws out of her an impassioned vocal, strong enough to stir up your own memories of the lovers who have passed through your life. There's a wistful elegance to her voice as she clings to the memories, a sensual yearning as these memories become more tangible (most notably in the chorus where she is woman and you are going to jolly well hear her roar). Meanwhile, that beguiling instrumental score is designed to make you feel bothered and bewildered at the same time as commanding you to sway your body to it's alluring grooves. It all coalesces into an urgent, throbbing collision of emotions that will leave you exhilarated yet aching for more. Kudos to a team that crafted visual lyrics, enthralling cadence and a melody that is as dark as midnight on hallowe'en yet indelibly empowering with it's thrilling and provocative charms. Add into this a video that you won't soon forget and it's a whole package that's worth celebrating. Welcome back Rozalla - long may your spellbinding musical sorcery captivate us all.
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