Youth - All Night

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There's no denying that Jim Bergsted is a talented, diverse fella. From his pop-rock duo Cars & Calories through to his own solo tunes (and writing for Suite 16 in-between), he's always delighted with his musical offerings and never failed to deliver solid gold melodic results. This is equally true of his latest collaboration - this time, he's teamed up with Helen Svaland. Together they've created Youth - an icicle cool pop-dance act that will have you mesmerised with Helen's ethereally magical vocals and Jim's stark but ultimately enchanting instrumental score. It's a song about giving into your inner urges and letting yourself follow that lustful voice in your beating heart that throbs with anticipation and desire. Helen does an exquisite job at giving tangible longing and seductive yearning whilst swirling synths cascade around her with a throbbing percussion that provides orgasmic ecstasy. It's an almost spiritual, out of body experience for the listener, so vivid and alluring is the combination of narrative flow, breathtaking vocal performance and hypnotic grooves. You become at one with the rhythm, immersed fully in the story being told. This is particularly true of the moment after the middle 8 when the music takes a breath and it's like the world has paused just temporarily to allow you to gather your emotions before the music comes shimmying back into focus. The effect is electrifying. All in all, it is a sensational piece of music and one that reveals hitherto hidden facets with each listen, adding to the texture and depth of the song with each essential spin of the tune. Glorious - I'm definitely going to need more Youth in my life...

Top 25 songs of the week:

25 ~ MKTO, Afraid Of The Dark (NE)
24 ~ Jukebox The Ghost, The Great Unknown (NE)
23 ~ Harriet, Love Will Burn (NE)
22 ~ Kelly Clarkson, Run Run Run
21 ~ Leona Lewis, I Am
20 ~ Mika, Good Guys
19 ~ Todd Carey, OMG
18 ~ Gary Barlow, Something About This Night
17 ~ MKTO, Bad Girls
16 ~ Christopher, Tulips
15 ~ Will Young, Joy
14 ~ Maroon 5, Feelings
13 ~ Madonna, Joan of Arc
12 ~ Mans Zelmerlow, Should've Gone Home
11 ~ Janet Jackson, Burn It Up
10 ~ Mika, Staring At The Sun
09 ~ Brandon Flowers, Still Want You
08 ~ MAX (ft Jared Evan), Ms. Anonymous
07 ~ Nate Ruess, A Great Big Storm
06 ~ Jukebox The Ghost, Postcard
05 ~ Walk The Moon, Work This Body
04 ~ Shayne Ward, Moving Target
03 ~ Sara Bareilles, She Used To Be Mine
02 ~ Little Mix, Love Me Like You
01 ~ Big Black Delta ft Debbie Gibson, RCVR (2 weeks)
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