Matt Dusk & Margaret - Deed I Do

Buy Deed I Do on Matt & Margaret's album "Just The Two Of Us" here (Magic Records)

I'm already a big fan of crooning jazz singer, Matt Dusk. Actually, just describing him that way doesn't do justice to the diverse range of music he releases but it gives you a small idea of what to expect. I think his Good News album and Peace on Earth festive EP are two of my favourite collections of music this decade. For this latest album, Just The Two Of Us, he's teamed up with equally exquisite Polish singer Margaret to bring a bit of flirtatious elegance to the proceedings. To promote this rather good indeed album, the duo have released a taster single and video, called 'Deed I Do. Set to a devilishly scat instrumental groove that's fused together with playful piano, too cool for school percussion and a bass that throbs like the beating heart of a person in love, it's the perfect backdrop for the duo to weave their tale of simmering attraction and carnal desires. What I like it about it is that it has the suave sophistication of the old Hollywood glamour musicals where the man and woman would spend the entire film coquettishly bickering before realising they were totally right for each other and singing a song like this. Margaret is the stunning silver screen siren, her smoky timbre an absolute treat to listen to; she sings with a gleeful joy that matches the rambunctious score to a tee. Matt is the suave raconteur who brings a rat-pack level of seduction to the song, yet done with an aura of smiling romance that would surely be all too hard to resist. I'm weak at the knees just watching the video ;) When their voices blend together, like honey into the most inviting hot chocolate, it's a matching of musical spirits that sends shivers down the spine with giddy joy. The video looks as much fun as it sounds they were having when they recorded the song. So gift this song (and it's parent album) to yourself and your loved ones this Christmas. It's what you deserve for being on the nice list...
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