Nick D & The Believers - Wanted

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Ace pop-rock quartet Nick D & The Believers have come a long way since I first wrote about them back in 2014. They already had a fervent following of fans who appreciated their sprightly melodies and hook-laden tunes; fans who loved the fact the music sounded honest and organic, and not as if it had been cooked up in a studio. Nick D & The Believers made you feel their compositions, as if they had personal insight into your life. It made it cool, once more, to shout out I'm a believer as their mellifluous riffs washed over you like a cool breeze on a hot summer's day. Rather appropriately, their latest single, Wanted, is the perfect introduction to their sound whilst the video (above) gives you a sneak peek at the endeavors of the band over the past few years. Lyrically, Wanted is a poetic, if bittersweet, tale of the cruelest love of all - that where feelings eventually wither and die on the vine, yet one half is left yearning for a second chance despite the years that put a chasm between any chance of reconciliation. Set to a rhythmic, percussive groove that seems to echo the loneliness of a single beating heart, don't be fooled into thinking this is a melancholy dirge. It's far from it - there's a sweetness to the synth groove and a hopefulness as the song progresses that is more than evidenced by Nick's engaging vocals. There's some smooth harmonies that provide a textured run up to the exhilarating chorus where convivial chants abound alongside a glorious wall of sound and sumptuous singalong refrains. There's a glorious 80s pop aura that permeates the song with a reverent glee for that period of music that it is clear the band have. The middle 8 allows the story to breathe with electrifying guitar solo moments that shimmer alongside those layered vocals. Pop music like this is meant for the ages and, to be sure, Nick D & the Believers have certainly carved their little spot in history with this enduring gem. I can't wait to see what comes next...
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