Adam Lyons & Uplink - Wanderlust

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Ah Adam Lyons. Since watching him light up the stage (along with a uniformly excellent cast) in Priscilla - Queen of the Desert (the musical), I've also come to discover and fall in love with his dance infused brand of pop music. I'm still shimmying away to his buoyant ice cold gem, Honest, which has a chorus so soaring it floats to cloud nine and beyond. He's back with his ace German EDM producers, Uplink, on an equally delicious new single called Wanderlust. It is an intoxicating song that speaks to the adventurer in us all - a call to arms to free yourself from the shackles of every day life and explore the hidden beauties of this wonderful world we live in. The music is beautifully intertwined with the lyrics, all powered forward by Adam's engaging vocal style that breathes life into this exhilarating escapade. It begins with gloriously playful piano so vibrant that you can almost imagine fingers dancing across the keyboard - a aural representation of a bird on the breeze. The song grows through adding texture - a ticking beat that feels like the countdown to the unknown that lies ahead. All the time, Adam is guiding us with impassioned intonation that adds to the aura of anticipation and excitement. As the verse accelerates to the chorus, so the music crescendos and unleashes an all consuming, all powerful rave into being. It's hands in the air, dance like you just don't care, strip away your inhibitions - everything you want from a floor filler such as this one. It's a giddy thrill that draws the listener into the wanderlust that Adam sings of with such mellifluous energetic ease - whether you are on your commute home, running at the gym or walking the dog, you are instantly transported to the places you dream of but never get around to visiting. It's not only a euphoric dance anthem - it is also a public service announcement to lift your spirits! More please, much much more!
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