Mikey Wax - Helium

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The new single, Helium, by ace pop singer songwriter Mikey Wax, is just what the world needs right now. So much of the charts is clogged up with faceless EDM beats set to cookie cutter production values that don’t pay enough attention to the real heart of the song. On Helium, Mikey focuses on traditional song writing by bringing the lyrics to life with a vibrant zest and crafting a melodic refrain that will linger in your brain long after the song has finished. The way he has done this, however, makes the song feel contemporary and fresh – a melange of vocal and instrumental sounds that lifts the spirits and puts a buoyant spring in your step. Mikey has always had a gifted ability to craft songs that envelop the listener in the emotions he is conveying, wrapping his poetic words in melodies that feel like the musical equivalent of sunbeams dancing off sparkling blue waters. It is this this gift that he takes to exhilarating new heights on Helium – leaving the listener with a renewed sense of optimism and hope in humanity. The narrative thrust of Helium is about having that special someone (or someones) in your life who you will do anything for – and lifting them up when they are down is the one gift that you can give them. Mikey conveys this essential message by imbuing his mellifluous vocal with a sense of wide eyed enthusiasm and unfettered joy. He doesn’t just sing the lyrics, he ensures that they are a manifestation of the sentiments that fill his very soul. The music is an equal partner in delivering his message – effusive guitar riffs give the song a feeling of contagious, feel-good energy. Propulsive drum rhythms feel like the quickened beating of the heart as a dopamine rush goes pulsing to your brain. Glorious piano recalls the greats (Billy Joel, Bruce Hornsby) and infuses the instrumental with an exuberant elegance. Everything merges together exquisitely to give an overall effect that is just as uplifting as the lyrical mission statement. Add in that irrepressible refrain that will have you singing along before the first chorus is over, and those convivial backing chants that make the listener a complicit partner in wanting to make the world a better place (one person at a time), and it is an out and out winner. Oh, and that final chorus? It elevates the song from magical group singalong to a rallying call to arms. Genius. If the joy is in giving of yourself rather than getting, then Mikey Wax has pulled double duty on this gem – encouraging people to give their loved ones a boost as well as providing a song that feels like one for the ages. If Take That or Coldplay recorded this, it would be nestled at the top of the charts right now. Mikey deserves no less. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Make new friends and tell them. 2016 deserves to be the year that Helium became song of the year.

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