Abi Hudson - Fragile Around You

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I'm as much a fan of the people behind the songs as those who sing them. It is the team working with upcoming singer, Abi Hudson, that drew me to her gorgeous single, Fragile Around You - but it is her stunning performance that has convinced me to stay. Co-written with the incomparable Steve Anderson and wonderful Terry Ronald, Fragile About You introduces us to a singer whose voice is emotive, expressive and imbued with a vulnerability that makes her music feel so much more organic and honest. The song is about the type of relationship where you are fearful of letting the other person in due to hurtful experiences in your past. It is a heartbreaking situation to be in, yet Abi brings it to life with an insightful sincerity and passionate, cathartic unleashing of her inner feelings. She begins with a textured choir-like harmony that then underscores her haunting vocal, accentuating the emotional damage she sings of. Just before the first chorus, an emboldened beat drops and a wall of sound envelops the song - swirling percussion, elegiac strings and those omnipresent backing vocals (their consistency throughout the song serve as a reminder of the turmoil raging within all of us when faced with feelings that threaten to change our lives - if only we let them). There is a wildness to the track that brings to mind the very best of Kate Bush - the music, a burgeoning storm of sentiment that Abi masterfully commands by guiding the melody at all times; it feels like a metaphor for the trepidation that exists within all of us to begin a journey that could take us to giddying new heights but also could come crashing down around us. The symbiotic nature between the instrumental and vocal is one of the most mesmerising aspects of the song - they ebb and flow together. For example, Abi holds back in the middle 8, the most tremulous she has been throughout her narrative and the music gently wraps her in a comforting hug. Her will to sing this out returns, and the final choruses are a triumphant rallying cry to herself. She sings not because it will change the past, or make it better - but to solve the crisis within and move on to better times. A truly magnificent introduction to someone we should all be keeping an eye on in the future.
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