Bruno Alexander - Vampire Bites (2016)

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The Nightmare Before Christmas is fast approaching and soon the mystical forces of darkness will be upon us before you can say hocus pocus! Unless you believe Buffy, of course, and Hallowe'en is actually a night when all the goblins, ghouls and ghosts take a day off and let us scare ourselves silly instead. In preparation for this, ace singer Bruno Alexander has conjured up a swirling gothic pop insta-classic for the masses to devour - and it's a song so good that quite honestly it will keep you in screams all year long. Entitled Vampire Bites, it's co-written by wunderkind Charlie Mason and Mark "Big" Smith, and presented here as a deliriously addictive synth-driven magic Matt Pop radio edit. Together they've worked from dusk til dawn, sweating (true) blood to craft a piece of music so intoxicating and provocative that it's thumping bass and shuddering electro-effects could (and will) raise the dead. Bruno provides a performance that adds depth and texture to the music, his nuanced voice at times as tentative and terrified as a Scream Queen then as surging and powerful as a newly sired vamp. He matches the narrative thrust of the song perfectly, guiding you through the misty dark woodlands that inspire fear and trepidation during the verses where those aforementioned shuddering effects give the aural illusion that something nasty is right behind you yet remains just outside the corner of your eye. Matt Pop brings the song to life with an opulent and dramatic intro that sets a frantic and hair-raising pace, evoking that accelerated heartbeat that comes when the frisson of excitement hits. It is balanced perfectly with swirling euro-groove and cascading synths that caress Bruno's vocals with every key stroke. Everything erupts into a explosive acceptance of destiny and it's all so freeing and thrillifying that you find yourself pumping your fist to the sky with a giddy glee that you know is wrong but feels oh so right and satisfying. Bruno sounds positively exhilarated as he succumbs to the inevitable and the metaphor of the vampire bite being allowing your wounded soul to love again is entirely euphoric. Nigh on impossible to get out of your head once you've listened to it - and neither do you want to as this sultry, seductive bite of music infuses itself into your being and compels you to sing along. As masterful and brilliantly done as Buffy's The Hush episode. Now abandon your stakes and holy water and venture out into the dark to buy this throbbing injection of orgasmic genius...

(For an alternative version of the single, there is the Ricardo Autobahn edit. He takes a different path from Matt Pop, yet one no less revealing or compelling. It is a darker, more gothic study of the song (think Matt Pop as Erasure - the Wild! years, Ricardo as Pet Shop Boys, circa So Hard). Ricardo allows the track to breathe a little slower yet it is no less intense. For example, the unrelenting pulsing of the bassline mirrors the beating of your very heart as you get drawn inexorably to the triumphant chorus; the grandiose strings adding an element of foreboding to Bruno's alluring vocal. Just amazing).

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