Christopher King - Recovering

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Musical creators, Gold Music, are on a mission to remind us that pop songs didn't always rely on technology as a substitute for musical talent. They are set to bring back the halcyon days of pop when meaningful, emotional lyrics and enduring melodies ruled the airwaves and embedded their sweet refrains in the hearts of listeners across the world. To craft such songs requires intricate examination of the vocal abilities of the people they work with - and with Christopher King they have found a real gem. To explore the nuances his voice seeks out through its naturally expressive nature, the team have gifted him with the P!nk penned Celine Dion ballad, Recovering. Set to a beautifully elegiac piano accompaniment, Christopher brings out the aching emotions of the sorrowful lyrics with a delicate understanding of the nature of grief and the devastating journey that takes us on. His voice is the central focus on the song, commanding attention from the listener at all times with his mesmerising, resonant tones - yet, it is important to note, that in projecting his inner feelings doesn't require him to shout out the words to the rafters. Christopher is a confident performer, knowing that quiet reflection will enable these poetic lyrics to have more of an impact than volume could ever create. It is a masterclass in timeless vocals swathed in a minimal production that eschews fading fads and topical trends, instead focusing on something that will sound just as devastating, just as exquisite in twenty, thirty and fifty years time. Check back tomorrow for more collaborations between Christopher and Gold Music...
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