Dear Stella - Come Home

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I've already gone for the "witty" letter style review that ace Austrian pop singer songwriter Dear Stella's name encourages on my write up of her stunning new Christmas single (link above). It was My Favourite Kind of Gift that led me to her equally charming non-seasonal song Come Home. Set to mellifluous piano refrains that dance around Dear Stella's voice with elegant grace, this is the lyrical story of realising that pride can often get in the way of love, and that letting your guard down will open up a whole new world of possibilities. Dear Stella sings with an impassioned reflection that accentuates the yearning and longing embedded into the narrative. Her expressive voice unveils a personal insight into the song as she delivers the "come home" refrain with aching sincerity. The instrumental textures with sound as the song crescendos to match the intensity of the words - a propulsive drum beat mirrors how when we ruminate on emotions they take on a life of their own; the piano that gives resonant chords and cascading melody (possibly the finest piano in a pop song since Marit Larsen's If A Song Could Get Me You); and a subtle infusion of elegiac strings that hauntingly underscore the vocal pleading Dear Stella does with such exquisite precision. It is exactly the type of pop song that radio needs to embrace - it doesn't focus on fading fads or evaporating trends. Instead, it has meaningful lyrics and an enduring melody that makes it both timely and timeless. This will sound just as evocative and stirring as it does today when you listen to it in twenty years time. Come Home is a song you will come home to often - when you just want to hear first class pop, when you want to relive old experiences or when you need the song to provide comfort when you are going through something similar. It is truly lovely.
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