Emma-Lee - Worst Enemy

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It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas – which means my iPhone (cheap Android alternative) is full of festive tunes and seasonal melodic merriment. One of the big advantages of this (other than it makes me feel merry and bright) is that it often introduces me to artists I’ve hitherto been unaware of. One such artist is Canadian singer songwriter Emma-Lee – not only was she a guest vocalist on the finest festive album of the year so far (Matt Dusk’s Old School Yule) but she also has her own sparkling single, It Won’t Be Christmas (review links above). Discovery of these Yuletide gems led me to investigating Emma-Lee’s discography – and uncovering this gem of a song, Worst Enemy. The song may have been out for nigh on a year, but presumably has aged like a fine wine because it is a dazzling, contemporary pop single that is well worth your time. Set to a dramatic, multi-instrumental score, the song is about the internal battle we all have with ourselves to temper that inner voice that is our own personal saboteur. Emma-Lee's vocal is driven by her sense of angst but there is also an aura of wanting to do better by herself embedded in that delivery. It makes for compelling listening, particularly alongside the bold drum beats and convivial "oh oh oh" backing chants. Both serve to bring the listener closer to the song, making it more personal and intimate insight into the fragility of the human psyche. Emma-Lee has woven elements of pop, rock and classical genres into her music and it accentuates the emotions, making it an even more thrilling ride. If you are punching your fist to the sky in emphatic agreement during the chorus, you won't be the only one - for Emma-Lee may recognise that she has been her own worst enemy but this song is a rallying call to arms to be good to yourself and that, my chummiest of chums, is a message all too hard to resist. Magnificent.

(PS, I wish I knew more about the Canadian music scene, but I definitely recognise Jeffery Straker in the innovative, masterful lyric video above!)

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