Sam Way - Last Page

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It was the twitter page of Kinky Boots-er himself, Matt Henry, that turned me on the music of the talented chappy known as Sam Way. This Devon born, London based singer songwriter knows a thing or two about crafting elegant, enduring music that is rich in meaningful lyrics and resonant with sumptuous melodies. He clearly favours talent over technology, meaning his gorgeous new single, Last Page, has an earnest, organic feel about it that, although old school in theory, feels fresh and invigorating against a backdrop of cookie cutter club beats that proliferate the charts. Sam has woven a lyrical tale about the feelings you get when you meet that one person who seems to complete you, inspires you to be a better person and has a place on the tapestry of your life adventure. He sings of not having written his book yet but knowing that he wants this special someone to be on the titular last page. There is such aching yearning in his voice that it feels beautifully intimate as he shares his innermost thoughts with the audience; he's not afraid to let people know the fervor and desire that drives these feelings either - he is positively soaring in the effusive chorus and his enthusiasm is entirely infectious. He's wonderfully in sync (as one would expect) with the music that accompanies him. The verses are more delicate, as if exploring the wonder of these new found feelings. Gentle guitar lays next to melodic keyboard refrains, interspersed with bold drum beats (as if to signify the beating of his romantic heart). This all crescendos into a glorious wall of sound that elevates the chorus to cloud nine and beyond. The percussion escalates while the piano cascades with mellifluous majesty, Sam's voice swathed in euphoric score. It's a lovely, soul-reviving piece of music that cocoons the listener in an aural hug. Equally as delightful is the stripped back acoustic version of the song (above) - a testament to the exquisite nature of the original that the lyrics and music are just as effective in a different setting, unveiling nuances to the narrative thanks to Sam's expressive singing. His sophomore EP is released soon and I cannot wait to check it out.
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