Jeronimo Da Silva - The World Is Changing

Stream The World Is Changing here (Spotify)

I've followed the career of Brazilian-Dutch singer, Jeronimo Da Silva, for a number of years now but haven't written about him recently. This is a real shame as I have missed sharing a number of excellent original and cover songs with you. His latest song, The World Is Changing, is an excellent opportunity to re-enter the world of this engaging pop singer. Like a bottle of fine wine, Jeronimo has only gotten better over time and this is manifest on the anthemic tune - a 'Heal The World' sequel for the new millenial generation. The beautifully poignant lyrics could reflect any personal experience that changes how you view life - or, after the history altering events if 2016, it could equally be a timely, musical evaluation of the state of the world today. Jeronimo sings with a mix of reflective rumination and urgent fiery determination. It is this combination that brings a vivid insight to the lyrical battle hymn of this new republic. Jeronimo has always had an expressive pop voice and it serves him well here. The vibrant production wraps the vocal in a radiant mid-tempo dance groove, a buoyant bubbling score that represents the wave of anticipation and hope embedded in the narrative. It is a beat that gets your hips swaying, a chorus that has your fist pumping to the sky in emphatic agreement. It comes together to make an elegant and emotive pop track that comes with a social conscience that we could all do with remembering in these troubled times. Majestic and affecting from start to finish.
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