Susan Boyle & Michael Bolton - Somewhere Out There

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There is something about exquisitely constructed music that creates a magic like no other. It can stir memories and provide closure for times gone by; it can uplift you or soothe your soul for experiences you are currently living through; and it is prescient in the way it is there for you for events yet to happen. This is perfectly evidenced through the stunning recreation of Somewhere Out There by Susan Boyle and Michael Bolton. I've already written extensively about the album this comes from (Susan's A Wonderful World), but have been listening to this track in particular a lot this past couple of weeks. Produced and Arranged by Steve Anderson and Cliff Masterson, with mixing by Ash Howes, they've transformed the bombastic original into an elegant (yet no less powerful) musical fairytale. Delicate piano chords beautifully underscore Susan's radiant vocal as the song shimmies to life. This pure, unfiltered and refreshingly restrained approach serves to accentuate the genuinely aching yearning in Susan's voice as she sings of a love separated by distance. Michael's voice is a pleasing juxtaposition to Susan - giving the song a sense of angst that is tempered by sincere hope for the future. A dignified string section subtly cascades down around the piano when he starts singing as if to represent the burgeoning feelings these two accomplished vocalists are bringing to life. Extending the lovely, languorous journey until their voices combine builds anticipation in the listener without having to resort to X Factor-esque cliches. Their vocals blend seamlessly, an intricate, stately dance as poetic and refined as the narrative they perform. A graceful middle 8 is ushered in with angelic choral vocals, allowing the orchestral score to really breathe - it conjures up images of those passionate moments from movies where couples reunite right at the end in a crescendo of emotion. The final chorus, where all these elements come together, is truly magnificent. It is a masterclass in vivid storytelling and how to craft a symbiotic relationship between instrument and voice. It may not be following the current trends, but there is something timeless about this that will linger long after contemporary fads have faded. Please do give it a whirl - these humble words fail to do the majesty of the song the justice it so clearly deserves. EPIC.

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