Ansel Egort - Thief

Stream Thief here (spotify)

You may well recognise Ansel Elgort from the Divergent movie series, or breaking hearts in The Fault In Our Stars. What you may not know, however, is that Ansel is an accomplished songwriter and singer. This is something he ably demonstrates on his devastating new single Thief. He has crafted a compelling tale of heartache and betrayal - with a twist: Ansel is the protagonist of the narrative, a wreckless cad who discards relationships as one might cast aside the morning coffee cup. It is a daring approach to a pop song but one that works brilliantly. It is set to a mesmerising eighties inspires groove that adds to the hypnotic nature of the song. Ansel gives a vocal that is as seductive and alluring as any performance he has given on the silver screen. He doesn't just sing the lyrics, he lives and breathes each nuanced moment. Thus ensures that he gives the production the icy detachment it deserves. If you think this makes the song hard to like, you could not be more wrong. A dynamic chorus, shimmying rhythms and finger clicking refrain all add to the deliciously complex appeal of this song. It leaves you hungry for more - something the stunning accompanying video gives you with visual treats aplenty. Ansel is a pop star in the ascendancy; an artist seeking to give depth to music that will endure over fleeting trends.
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