Lostchild - S.A.M

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What struck me most upon discovering the edifying music of pop artist Lostchild was (is) his ability to mix uplifting, ravishing musical scores with intense, deeply personal themes. It is the integrity and honesty within his lyrics and singing that ensure the listener loses themselves completely in the music he offers up. This is evidenced across his dazzling EP, Being Loved When You Know You're Not Good Enough, and most recently as his live performance, sharing a line up with Dragonette. His latest single, S.A.M., is taken from said EP and now comes with an equally intoxicating video to promote to the masses. S.A.M. represents song crafting at it's finest - the juxtaposition between trepidation and hope is exquisitely presented in every nuanced moment of this song. Effervescent chimes and a finger click beat take you back to the halcyon days of when you were waiting for a star to fall. It is an elegantly constructed piece of art all about the memories that permeate in our brains - bought to life by images and sounds that take us back to times gone by. Lostchild has demonstrates through his poetic narrative that introspection and personal exploration can yield magnificent results - S.A.M is an excellent song to inspire your own journey of realisation; a cathartic finale that is just as liberating for the listener as it appears to be for the singer. Do take time to watch the video above - it is beautifully shot and enhances the story that Lostchild tells. For example, his face silhouetted by a black expanse as he sings of lying awake at night perfectly represents the consuming darkness that taunts us when sleep evades us; yet there are vivid injections of light, fire and nature to guide us through to the track and visual's stunning conclusion. Just excellent.

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