MAX ft gnash & Hells Kitchen Orchestra - Lights Down Low (Orchestral)

Download Lights Down Low (Orchestral) here (external link)

The music scene has changed so much over the past ten years. Not only do new technologies make exciting new sounds but how we find out about and consume music is radically different to the rifling record racks of my youth. There are always those who favour trend over talent to tap into the streaming audience of big hits, but the most compelling artists around right now are those who are able to craft music that transcends fading fads to create songs that will last through the ages. MAX is one such artist. Ever since I fell hard for the still-dazzling Mug Shot, I've been fascinated by his ability to infuse new sounds into classic songwriting traits. Like a scintillating renegade Bruno Mars, he defies categorisation, surprising and satisfying at every turn. His latest song, Lights Down Low, demonstrates how he can forge a gorgeous, timeless ballad but also shows his savvy marketing skills. Keeping audience attention is crucial in a fast changing market place, and - as Lights Down Low is a song that deserves to breathe - MAX has ensured fans of the song have new facets to savour and appreciate. Ever since the original version was released last year the song has been kept alive with live performances, haunting video and now a dreamy orchestral version. Just in time for Valentine's Day, this elegant interpretation sees him team up with gnash and Hells Kitchen Orchestra. This collaborative approach takes the romantic lyrics to sensuous new heights. MAX is consumed by the passion and intensity of the narrative, letting each word float out with aching yearning. The strings cascade around him like sparkling jewels, bringing heavenly texture to the mellifluous melody. Gnash brings a sweet element of longing, meaning the listener has three munutes of languorous ecstasy to luxuriate in. Beautifully constructed, wonderfully executed, this is a stunning version of a song that will endure for generations.

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