Paul Andrews - Sunlight On Water

Buy Sunlight On Water on Paul's debut album, Light and Dust, here (external link)

I'm always in complete awe of people who can follow their passion and put their art in the world for all to see. It is something that terrifies me so I live vicariously through those who are bold and determined with their creations. One such person is Paul Andrews - a singer songwriter who, after working with other people through the years, has crafted a gorgeous debut album called Light and Dust. I'll return to that album soon within these very pages, because it is a body of work that deserves a considered review to highlight the expansive rewards it gives the listener. A fine introduction in the meantime is the album's lead single, the shimmering beauty of Sunlight On Water. From cherished moments stored in his mind, Paul paints an evocative picture that is a communal reminder to hold on to the good times in your life as succour through the more challenging periods. His lovely, languorous, piano driven number is as mesmerising and soothing as the memories he shares, blending that elegant keyboard work with the gentle caress of percussive rhythms. The lyrics conjure up images in your own mind's eye of thoughts perhaps long forgotten that come bubbling to the surface as the music and narrative washes over you, like a waves on the shore of a hot sunny beach. His voice guides the melody with mellifluous grace, working in symbiotic partnership with the score and really letting the sentiments of the song breathe. It builds to a crescendo of gorgeous layered harmonies, like a gospel choir inviting you to immerse yourself in all the wonders that life has to offer. If this is Paul's sermon then I'm here to testify that it is one that leaves you uplifted and longing for more.

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