Doryan - Looking For Magic

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How I adore the musical evolution of singer-songwriter Doryan. Throughout his career he has given us Butch Queen Dom Pop, introspective dance groove realness and now, on latest single Looking For Magic, shimmering pop majesty for the masses. His ability to defy categorisation by seamlessly weaving multi-genre influences into his sound is what makes him one of the most exciting young talents out there. On this bewitching new gem it feels like Doryan has whipped out his wand, passionately cried out EXPECTO POPTRONUM and conjured up this dazzling composition. Looking For Magic reminds me of when Madonna would put out songs like True Blue and Cherish (two of her finest pure pop moments), yet would never temper down her right to explore sex, sexuality and the yearning need for connection. It is set to a contagious, finger click rhythm that pulses like a beating heart whilst funky guitar riffs cascade around Doryan's engaging vocal style. He sings of the aching longing that comes with the desire for intimacy, making this both poignant and honest - when Doryan sings "Kiss me, bite me/I need something to feel" and the drums crescendo in their intensity (leading into that splendid chorus refrain) you can't help but fibre of tingling anticipation with him. There are multiple hooks throughout which evidence the powerful nature of the narrative; not least the irrepressible submission of "you do what you want, what you want with me. Passionate piano chords in the middle 8 unveil the most lip-biting desires which the cover of night makes all the more acceptable. All these moments coalesce to make the song a throbbing anthem which consumes you as much as the magic Doryan so vividly craves. Soulful and sensuous, it is his most potent spell yet. Sweet would be proud!!*

*Bonus points if you get this random Buffy reference.

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