Single Selection: Jeronimo ~ Love Makes All Right

Ah that cheeky scamp Jeronimo. While we are all waiting for Flying Solo to take flight, the earnest young fella has sneakily popped a different track (and video) online entitled Love Makes All Right. At a time when the music trend seems to be pilfering lush seventies guitar influences or 80s inspired EDM tracks, Jeronimo bypasses this and produces a heartfelt ballad for the ages. With shades of Westlife and Take That permeating the song, it's like a big massive anthemic boyband track but ably handled by just Jeronimo with a passionate, sincere vocal. It's this vocal that makes the song hard to resist as Jeronimo breathes life into the uplifting, optimistic, romantic lyrics that are surrounded by elegant strings, mellifluous piano tinkling and a sumptuous melody that stirs the senses. Sometimes in life, you just need a song that goes back to basics - eschews current trends, taps into your inner emotions and embraces composition that has provided some of the finest songs that have endured regardless of musical fads(think Don't Cry Out Loud, think Crazy For You, think Flying Without Wings, Think Twice, etc). Love Makes All Right has a message that speaks to everyone in any situation, is multi-generational and is made all the sweeter thanks to the profound, wholehearted vibe that the song effortlessly conveys. The music video to go along with it is quite lovely too - Jeronimo asleep in a Romany caravan; Jeronimo on a horse; Jeronimo looking mighty fine in a white vest, etc :D So switch off the world for a while, pop on Love Makes It All Right and allow the moment to take you away. Quite, quite yum.

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